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About Us

We are Curator Hotel and Resort Collection, founded by a small group of visionary indie hotel owners and operators. Our mission is to serve as a sanctuary for all who dare to shape and explore the world on their own terms. In other words, we strive to connect you, the traveler, with one-of-a-kind destinations and experiences. Where are we? Currently, we’re woven throughout the U.S., but like you, we always seek to grow and discover new places. We were created to be the most playfully unique and passionately creative collection of independent hotels in the world. We know travel is more than just heading to a point on a map, it’s what shapes us and makes life all the more worthwhile.

Napa Valley Wine Train, Napa, California

Core Values

  • Originality.

  • Creativity.

  • Surprise.

  • Discovery.


  • Independence.

  • Curiosity/Wanderlust.

  • Shared Passion.

  • Artfulness.