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Dine at OTOKO, A 12-Seat Japanese Omakase Experience

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Sushi chef preparing dish

OTOKO is a 12-seat Japanese restaurant located at South Congress Hotel in Austin, Texas. The multi-course omakase experience from Executive Chef Yoshi Okai blends Tokyo-style sushi and Kyoto-style kaiseki into a unique tasting menu, selected and prepared by the culinary team based on ingredient availability and seasonality.

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Starting at $250 Per Person

2 Hours

  • Classic Omakase: $250/person
  • Sushi Omakase: $295/person (Wednesdays)
  • Kaiseki-Ryori: $150/person (Tuesdays and the 1st Thursday of the month)

Available At

South Congress Hotel Lobby
South Congress Hotel Couple Rooms
MaieDay Bar at South Congress Hotel

South Congress Hotel

A Stylish Boutique Hotel In The Heart Of SoCo's Shopping District

Austin, Texas

Property details

Chef's Choice

In Japanese, omakase means, "I'll leave it up to you." The omakase experience at OTOKO features a blend of traditional Japanese small courses with non-traditional presentation and techniques, served in an intimate, dining space. Guests enjoy direct interaction with Chef Okai and his culinary team as they prepare each bite right in front of them, with attention to detail and craft in every dish.

Sample dishes include: Wagyu Beef Yakimono: wagyu, daikon mochi, fresh onion, dried shimeji mushrooms, negi, tosazu, yuzu kosho
Lubina: with Mexican marigold, chayote squash, ume ponzu, yamamomo, lamb’s quarter
Hirame: with myoga, plum, cucumber, Mexican marigold, yuzu ponzu
Kurogoma dofu: bubu arare, misodare, dashi, yuzu, wasabi, okra, wood sorrel

Guests can also add a wine, sake or tea pairing to any dining experience, along with aperitifs and cocktails served at the attached bar, WATERTRADE.

OTOKO reservation tickets release the first of the month on a rolling 3-month basis, with seatings available between 5:30-9pm, Tuesday-Saturday. All reservations for OTOKO include a 30-minute cocktail reservation in WATERTRADE prior to dining.

Classic Omakase, $250/person: A multi-course, Kyoto-style kaiseki experience.
Sushi Omakase, $295/person: A traditional omakase-style sushi dinner, available on Wednesdays.
Kaiseki-Ryori, $150/person: A 12-course omakase experience served on Tuesdays and the first Thursday of every month.

Wine Pairing, $120/person: A multi-course pairing of boutique wines.
Sake Pairing, $120/person: A multi-course journey of unique and premium sakes.
Tea Pairing, $50/person: A multi-course tea pairing featuring premium teas.

constructing smoked sushi

Terms & Conditions

Please note that all ticket sales are final. In the event of a personal conflict or emergency, please contact 48 hours prior to your reservation, and OTOKO will be happy to reschedule it for you. Guests are limited to one ticket reschedule per purchase.

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