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Sunset Cliffs "Gaia's Gate" Cave Tour

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Exploring caves, history, and coastline of San Diego, CA

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3 Hours

Having proper footwear is very important. I highly recommend shoes with excellent traction that are ok to get wet, typical water shoes are not appropriate.

Please review the Granger Nature Linq page and scroll down to review recommended gear and "The Need to Know".

Unleash Your Sense of Adventure on a Guided Nature Tour

Join me on a guided nature tour along the Southern California coastline at Sunset Cliffs. Explore caves and local history in an area once described as Camelot by early western settlers of the area. Gaia's Gate Tours include 1/2 mile of coastline and a variety of terrain including tide pools, ocean waters, rocky shores, remote beaches and more. These are physical adventures suitable for hikers with moderate to advanced experience.

With these adventures you never know what you might discover! Every tour is a unique experience, but witnessing a variety of wildlife is common. Some of the sea life commonly seen on tours include crabs, sea hares, lobster, anemones, starfish, and occasionally octopus. Explore the worlds that lay hidden under your feet and grasp the gift that Nature has offered us, as we wander upon the very edge of this world.

Hosted By Granger Nature

I have hosted tours to these caves for several years, showing hundreds of people a side of San Diego that they have never experienced before, including locals that have lived in the area for 30+ years. I have an exceptional understanding of the tides and how they affect the coastline of Sunset Cliffs, as well as a unique connection to the history.
With my background in photography I’m able to capture images of my guests as they become inspired and connected with the natural world.

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