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Ella's Cottages, Key West Historic Inns

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Step into a bohemian retreat inspired by the lively spirit of Key West. Sit back and watch the one-of-a-kind island vibes unfold in all their eclectic glory. Stylish, friendly, and perfect for group travel and longer-term stays. You’re welcome to join in the fun at this free-to-be-you escape in the heart of Old Town.

  • Outdoor Pool
  • Historic Properties

Secluded Patio

Open the elegant French doors and step onto your sun-soaked patio for the ultimate indoor-outdoor stay.

Outdoor Pool

Nestled in the heart of Key West, this charming getaway offers a tropical haven. Immerse yourself in the inviting outdoor pool, basking in its refreshing waters under the warm Florida sun. Our Afternoon Poolside Refresher transforms into a sensory oasis, merging the cool embrace of the pool with the lush surroundings and the soothing melody of palm leaves swaying in the breeze.

Spacious Suites

Unwind in stylish interiors that blend bohemian, maritime, and tropical decor. Ella’s Cottages are perfect for group getaways and longer stays.