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Deluxe Wine Country Day Trip


Sit back and relax in style while your private guide and driver navigates the infamous corridors of Northern California’s premier wine-making region. Sample an eclectic variety of wines and tasting experiences in and around the historic town of Sonoma. Or, customize the tour with vineyards or tasting rooms of your own choice. Between your curator, your guide and the wine experts you meet along the way, you will enjoy a memorable escape -- and maybe even find your new favorite reds or whites. The town of Sonoma features the last Mission built in California and an 1830’s eight-acre town square, the largest of its kind in California. Spend a little time exploring the shopping, restaurants and bars that ring the plaza. The Wine Country covers an expanse of valley floors and mountain slopes in two counties, Napa and Sonoma. The Napa Valley is made of 16 appellations, or regions that favor particular grapes, and more than 400 wineries and tasting rooms. Sonoma Valley is a little less traveled but equally robust, with 19 wine appellations and more than 425 wineries. At each tasting, you will learn about four or five types of wines -- the varietals of the grapes, the geographic differences that affect the grape, and winemaking techniques that make every vintage unique.

$90 per Hour

8 Hours

$90 per hour + 20% gratuity

  • 1 - 7 adults

  • Tasting fees and lunch prices vary by location and will be paid separately

  • Fully customizable tour costs $100 per hour

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Curated Adventure

Enjoy your curated Wine Country Tour in a private lux SUV with a
driver who is also a knowledgeable guide. Your group of seven or
smaller can choose from three different versions of this experience
as indicated below. For best results, please book at least two weeks
in advance.

Double Tasting Experience includes:

  • Two contrasting tasting experiences in Sonoma
  • One with charcuterie included
  • 45 minutes to explore Sonoma Plaza
  • Six hours: Depart 9:30 am – return approximately 3:30 pm

Triple Tasting Experience includes:

  • Three tasting experiences in Sonoma
  • Light lunch option
  • 45 minutes to explore Sonoma Plaza
  • Eight hours: Depart 9:30 am – return approximately 5:30 pm

Custom Tasting Experience

  • Choose 2 or 3 tasting experiences in Sonoma or Napa
  • Option for lunch
  • Stops as directed
  • Our curator will book your tastings with a schedule that makes
    sense considering logistics and availability.
  • Six hour minimum at $100 per hour

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